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Maxi EU DC W120

MaxiCharger DC Fast – 120kW

MaxiCharger DC Fast – 120kW

Ultra-fast DC charging potential. Meant for charge point operators and businesses who have high volume charging needs.


  • Fast charging: up to 120kW super fast charging
  • Battery detection: assess battery SOH and achieve battery safety pre-warning via analysis of real-time data from charger, cloud and vehicle
  • 27″ advertising touchscreen: the largest touch screen available among chargers with same charging power
  • Enhanced compatibility: compatible with all vehicles of IEC standards. Charging success rate 10% higher than industry average

Core functions: 

  • 96% peak efficiency
  • 21 safety monitoring items
  • Flexible hardware and software customization
  • Smart charging
  • Compatible with CCS2, CHADeMO, Socket
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