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Non-Powerd Threaded Base

Non-Powered Threaded Base

Threaded Hex Base for Non-Powered Threaded Whips.

SafetyWhips® Spring mounts are highly recommended to help reduce whip breakage and wear and tear on whip. The spring provides a higher threshold for jarring and jolting as it reduces the amount of pressure placed on the whip pole when jolted driving your vehicle over rocky rough terrain or heavy equipment jolts from use of heavy equipment.


  • Mounting accessories make your whip experience easier, faster, or a more durable whip. Our current mounts include transition to a Threaded Hex Base, Quick Disconnect Base and a Lock Pin Base* (*tele)
  • Non-powered
  • Threaded
  • 1/2 inch lock washer and hex nut
  • Product weight: 0.18 lbs (0.08 kg)
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Non-Powerd Threaded Base

$42.96 / each